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Memon Motors (Super Star)

over 5 years ago

About US

Memon Motor Pvt. Ltd. is a top-of-the line motorcycle and auto rickshaw manufacturing company in Pakistan. Not only that, the company also manufactures all the parts required in manufacturing its products.

In 1992 we began our operations by manufacturing Auto Rickshaw. At that time the manufacturing of 70cc motorcycle was a milestone for us. We climbed up the ladder of success and after a lot of hard worlk in 2001 we eventually produced SS70cc Super Star motorcycle which became very popular.

After the huge success of Super Star 70cc, we began to produce 100 cc and 125 cc motorcycles which became also very popular among our patrons.

Today our motorcycles are not only in heavy demand in Pakistan but are also gaining rapid popularity abroad. Today we are exporting our motorcycles and auto-rickshaws to Bangla Desh, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka and INSHAALLAH very soon our motorcycles and auto rickshaws will be around in Egypt, South Africa and Syria.

The aim of our company right from the beginning has been that we should place the fruits of technology in the hands of the public at affordable cost; a superior product indeed, at low costs. In technical collaboration with foreign companies we are producing high-quality motorcycles at affordable costs. This has brought about a revolution in the market. By the grace ALLAH our motorcycle SS 70cc is the highest selling motor cycle in the country.

Through the limit less bounty of ALLAH, Our dealers network is also the most widely spread out network in the country so that the high sales peak of the SS 70 cc can be maintained at all times.

Quality control is the biggest reason of our success. Because of the Q.C. our patrons are sure that every motor cycle that they are buying meets the international standards. We check every part on jigs. If the part meet the Q.C. standard, it is sent to the store……………We have ensured by maintaining a large stock of parts in advance, that our motorcycles are always available to our customers at all time and the complaint of its non availability done nk2ot arise.

Memon Motor Pvt. Ltd. is situated in Hyderabad. The plant has an area of 7.5 acres. ALHAMDOLILLAH Today we are manufacturing more then 13000 motorcycles and 1500 auto rickshaws every month.

Our company believes in manufacturing environment-friendly machinery, therefore we have manufactured CNG 200cc Front Engine auto-rickshaw, CNG 175cc Rear Engine auto rickshaw and Super Star Plus 100cc motorcycle-rickshaw so that the high standard of our machines is retained…..the performance of these rickshaws is match less.

The dispatch department sends the motorcycles and rickshaws to the parts of the country where they are required.

No matter which city or the part of the country you are in, you will never be worried if you will not get any after-sales service or the spare part that you want to purchase, will it be available or not. This is so because our show rooms and service centers are spread out throughout the country.

The company holds a meeting every three months. In this meeting apart from the M.D. and Marketing Director, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Production and Quality Managers of the head office regional offices are present. This meeting is held to improve sales, review quality control issues and performance and to sort out the problems the dealers may be facing.

Memon Motor Pvt. Ltd. is making a determined effort to improve the quality of life in the country, therefore it organizes programs like Expo Exhibitions and Naat Khwany events. It also promotes extra cl2urricular activities in different educational institutions in collaboration with different NGOs and social welfare organizations.

Our company is ISO-9001 and 2000, EDB and PSQCA certified. Our certificates are a testimony of our high quality and high standards.

One can say with confidence that Memon Motor Pvt. Ltd., for all intents and purposes deserved to be the biggest auto rickshaws and motorcycle manufacturing company in Pakistan.

Being number one manufacturer of motorcycles and auto rickshaws in Pakistan, places another responsibility on us which is that we have to maintained quality and uphold standards so that we always live up to the expectations of our customers.

Memon Motors (Super Star) - Automark


The vision of our company right from the beginning has been that we should place the fruits of technology in the hands of the public at affordable cost; a superior product indeed, at low costs.

Quality control is the biggest reason of our success.

Contact Details:

Memon Motor (Pvt) Ltd

G-4, Hashmi Colony, Opp: Zeal Pak, SITE, Hyderabad – PAKISTAN.

Telephone:+92 22 3886611-22, 3886632
Telephone:+92 22 3886698-99,
FAX:+92-22-3886697, 3886401
E-mail: info@superstar.com.pk

Written by:

Muhammed Hanif Memon

Founder and Editor in Chief of Monthly Automark Magazine since 2006. Magazine published from Karachi Pakistan covers Automotive industry of Pakistan, car, motorcycle and tractor news. Magazine distributed in Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Multan, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Faisalabad.

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